Bottersnikes and Gumbles (2014)

Bottersnikes and Gumbles is Kids comedy animation for 6 – 9 year olds, based on the legendary 1970’s book series.

Roles: Modelling, Surfacing, Texturing, 3D scanning and Cleanup.

Production: MightyNice
Format: 52x11min Episodes. Channel 7, BBC, Netflix

Renders by Wayne Osborne

High Res sculpt + Texturing on Glob (Middle) and Snorg (Bottom Left) + Modelling and shading Chanks' straw hat
Modelling and shading of straw hat
3D scanning, cleanup and texturing the container and mattresses + optimising + "Mattres Foam" look development + Modelling, Texturing and Shading scattered junk assets.
Modelling + Texturing of generic Junk
Modelling, Texturing and shading on various Snike Hill set props