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The Adventures of Paddington Bear

2020 TV Series, Early concept work (Framestore)

paddington bear

The Adventures of Paddington is an animated television series based on the Paddington Bear franchise. The show centers on a younger Paddington as he writes letters to his aunt Lucy celebrating the new things he's discovered throughout the day.

I came onto the show quite early to work on the initial style frames and overall look of the show. I worked alongside Pablo Grillo (Animation Director of the Paddington films) and Ian Splendoff to create the above concept image. 

We were trying to figure out a simple but appealing style that wasn't too expensive as there was going to be many episodes! 


After a few variations we decided on the style frame above, using planes with projected Illustrations from Ian and only the foreground elements in 3D.

I worked on the model, texture and lookdev of Paddington, street props as well as the Nuke projection setup of the 2D Illustrative London in the background. 

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