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Pearl Quest

8 Minute fully CG Dark Ride (Framestore)

Pearl Quest is an immersive dark ride. We created around 8 minutes worth of full CG and an intricate magical underwater world. 

It was the first project I worked on at Framestore back in 2016 and I was the show for around a year and a half as a generalist, taking on many different tasks from model, texture, lookdev, lighting and blendshapes on a number of different assets and shots. 

My main task was the four evil dragon king characters assets and lighting the pre-show film. 


The 2D concepts above were created by Ian Spendloff

Below is a collection of the blendshape work done on a few different characters, I worked on the 4 different dragon kings models and made sure that that all the important blendshape markers lined up so that we could share blendshape work between characters.


A couple of final sculpts of the Dragon kings.


Crab Marine character model that I worked on.

A breakdown of one of the final shots on worked on. I worked on the cave environment sculpt, model, lookdev, layout and shot lighting. 


A Framestore presentation with more information about the ride.

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