Pearl Quest

8 Minute fully CG
Immersive Dark Ride


Wanda Group

Pearl Quest is a dark ride project for China’s Wanda Group. A project of epic proportion by the award-winning creative studio, the work sees Framestore’s esteemed heritage in VFX applied innovatively to the fast-evolving dark ride format, in one of the entertainment world’s most exciting markets.


Pearl Quest forms part of an expansive retail and entertainment hub in Qingdao, one of three parks within a new complex in the city. Known for its attractions, Qingdao provides visitors unrivalled access to entertainment at every turn, playing to a consumer hunger for immediately available, ambitiously scaled, immersive content.

On this project I worked on multiple characters and environments through out the 8 minutes of CG, My main task was looking after the four evil dragon king characters and lighting the pre-show film. 

Overall I worked on modelling, blendshapes, facial rigging, lookdev, lighting and compositing. 

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