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McDonald's #ReindeerReady 

2019 Christmas Commercial (Framestore)


Winner of a Golden Arrow

at the British Arrows


VES nominated for Best Animated Character and Best Visual Effects in a Commercial

We created a team of 3D carrot munching reindeer for the 2018 McDonald's Christmas advert.

I was credited as asset lead on the project and was responsible for the texture and lookdev of the hero reindeer as well as the reindeer's blendshapes, expressions and facial rig. After that I moved onto shot lighting. The blendshapes were really challenging on this one as the reindeer had to show complex human-like emotions throughout the commercial, there was a lot of back and forth with the animators and a few hundred shapes and combinations all working together. 

Watch the final spot below.

I was also tasked with creating a scene to show off the breakdown of the Reindeer which you can see below.

Some of the shots featured Santa crash landing his sleigh on a London rooftop, meaning we had to create a photoreal digi-double of Santa and key frame animate him for those shots.

I was responsible for the lookdev of the Santa digi-double asset seen below.

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