2019 Christmas Commercial

VES nominated for Best Animated Character and Best Visual Effects in a Commercial


Mcdonald's, Leo Burnett

This super fun Christmas spot follows Santa on Christmas Eve delivering presents and enjoying glasses of milk and mince pies while no one has left carrots for Santa's reindeer, Realising that something must be done, Santa makes a pit-stop at a McDonald’s and grabs a sack full of carrots for his hard-working team of flying reindeer.

I was asset lead on this one and was responsible for the reindeer's facial rig and expressions as well as texturing, look development and lighting the 6 different reindeer.


Below is a making of presentation showing how we built the Reindeer from the ground up with skeleton, muscles and skin. 

Some of the shots featured Santa crash landing his sleigh on a London rooftop, meaning we had to create a photoreal Digi-double of Santa and key frame animate him for those shots.

I was responsible for the lookdev of the Santa digi-double asset seen below.

Below are some early look dev stills of the Reindeer. We were trying to go as photo real as possible at first and then bring in more character as the asset progressed.


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