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Sheba 'Hope Reef'

Full CG TV commercial (Framestore)


2 x VES winner for Outstanding Visual Effects in a Commercial and Outstanding Environment in a Commercial

Sheba 'Hope Reef' is a fully CG animated commercial created by a small team at Framestore IA featuring a number of complex underwater environments and populated with numerous fish species and creatures.

I was creature lead on the project and in charge of creating and preparing over 15 creatures for this underwater world. Some of the creatures already existed in various forms but needed textures and lookdev done to meet our standards, depending how large they were in frame.

The hero fish was created entirely from scratch and I worked on the sculpt, model, texture and lookdev of the little guy over the course of the project, constantly improving him and dropping him into shots to see how he was working in our scenes. Including an intricate skeleton that would be seen through the transparent fish and the fins.

You can watch the full commercial below.

I also created a Dogfish Tuna, groomed a turtle and created a few other fish from scratch as well as texturing and lookdev on a number of the 15 fish and making sure all the models and UVs were working correctly for rigging, animation and other asset artists.


After the creature asset deadline I moved onto shot lighting and execution and compositing duties on 4 different shots, especially important were the Hero Chromis close ups so I could keep an eye on how the asset looked and reacted to the lighting setup and work on lookdev and lighting in tandem to get the final result you see above. 


The deadlines were tight and we were all working from home on this one and I am very pleased with the result.


Models of Chromis and Tuna below.

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