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Ubisoft 'Starlink - Battle for Atlas'

Live action game release trailer (Framestore)

I took on the role of asset lead in this epic spot for Ubisoft and was responsible for modelling, texturing and look development on the two hero ships and all the assets scattered throughout the trailer. Including bones, alien creatures, alien technology and a giant golden alien shrine.

We received very low resolution game meshes from Ubisoft for most of the assets and I was tasked with remodelling and bringing up the assets to film quality. 

Below you can see some final lookdev stills of the two ships.

A test of how the ships wings would open and their internal models, and a lookdev turntable of an alien creature that would be seen roaming the planet.


Below is a lookdev test we did, animated by my friend Alex Jeremy. To imagine how the creature would move on the planet.

Watch the full trailer below.

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